produce exellent quality organic fertilizer, biological fertilizer, bio pesticides and feed additives

We thank you for the trust of choosing our products as the perfect choice.

This Publishing of this website cannot be separated from our desire to introduce more products from TURRIMA GROUP to you, both representing the corporate and agency. The products released for our consumers are the products that meet the standards which have been strictly required by the competent and related to the field agencies and institutions.

Through the producing process using the latest technology and supported by experts, the products of TURRRIMA GROUP have long been recognized widely and loved to meet the needs of the sectors : Agriculture, Plantation, Forestry, Fishery, Livestock, Herbal, and Waste Treatment.

We did extensive research to provide exellent quality organic and biological fertilizer products to increased crop yields and reduce production costs. Turrima product has been loved by many consumers in Indonesia and abroad

We wish that this website can be reference to you and bring a positive impact on all the competent authorities with what we inform.

Commitment of TURRIMA GROUP is to be more active in contributing to the relevant sectors by doing more relentless innovation in order to meet the needs in all sectors both in quality and quantity.

Thank you.

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